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My Journey So Far

My Journey So Far
March 16, 2019

Going to Launch Digital Freedom

January 4, 2019

Guest Faculty at IIM

March 16, 2018

Founded Buzet

August 4, 2017

Got IIM Certification

November 28, 2007

Joined United Nations

August 4, 2002

Founded CosmoQuest

May 2, 2002

2002 – Quit My Job

About Me

Hi, I am an Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer by profession. I help people and businesses grow by extending my support and my services offering. I am also a Krishna Devotee and a photography lover.

I am venturing into one to one coaching, mentoring and consulting for startups and solopreneurs.

– Shibaram


What I Offer?

My expertise spans user research, Internet strategy and designing usable and profitable model for different business. My experience of working with more than 300+ clients over a period of more than 18 years makes it easy for me to understand the business requirement and craft a winning strategy for them.

Strategic consulting in web, digital marketing and business growth
I help entrepreneurs grow by training them with the skills and knowledge required to grow.
Growth Hacking
With my experience, I can analyse and find ways for Growth Hacking for your business.
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10 Easy And Simple Ways To Be More Productive

Great, the very reason you are here clearly says that you want to be more productive.  And who does not want to be more productive in fact? Before going to how to be more productive, let us be clear on “what” you want to produce and how you are going to enhance that. So list down a…

Facebook Is Personal Again And Its For Better 🙂

Have you ever noticed, if you post anything on Facebook from your Personal ID it gets more attention, reach, like, comments and lots of emotion gets attached to it? However, if you post something on your Facebook Page, it does not get that attention, unless you boost it, or unless the content is so much…

How to send a WhatsApp Message to a Number Without Adding it to a Contact

Sending a WhatsApp Message to a number without adding it to contact? You must be thinking, why such a weird idea came to my mind!!! Yes, this came to my mind as I am a digital marketer and I run lead ads for myself and my clients and I need to do WhatsApp messages to…