Be Positive

Why be negative, when you can be positive

why be negative when you can be positive

Let me tell you an interesting story

1st Dec 2017, 1st day of the last month of 2017. I woke up early, did my chores and around 7 am had a clean shave, then looked in the mirror and thought, Nah, I need a haircut too. Guys, no I was not getting ready for a date! But yes, I had an appointment at 11 AM with a Principal of a reputed college for their website and digital marketing needs. And in marketing its said each meeting is never the less important than a date. Soi went for a haircut and by 9 I was all set. It was time to review the presentation before the meeting.

At around 9:30 AM I got a call from the Principal of the college saying “Good Morning Mr Mishra, there is a change in plan, yesterday was a cultural day in our college, everyone is exhausted and today most of the members who were supposed to be present at the meeting will be absent, can we keep the meeting on Monday?”.  I was like Okay, today’s meeting is postponed!

I was set back for a moment as I had prepared for this, second thought was like okay, never mind, at least she informed in advance, and it was not that I am present at the venue and came to know after reaching, and even if the meeting was done, most of the members would have missed it and might be i had to do it once more, so my reaction was ” Its OK Madam, its good that you informed in advance, and surely we can have the meeting on Monday”, and to make her feel comfortable and not feel apologetic I added, “Mam, that also means I have three more days for the meeting to come and I will use the time to study more on what I can offer to your institute, also I will email you what I had prepared for the meeting so you can go through it and suggest if anything else is required”, and she responded with “Great, that way we will save time and we can discuss the way forward”.

Even though the meeting was postponed, I was able to create something positive out of it and make both myself and the Principal not feel anything negative about it.


Hope this share is worth your time you spent on reading and you can take something from it.

Please share your views and post your views on it below. And if you could get something +ve don’t forget to share it 🙂

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