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Shibaram has worked with more than 300+ Businesses in last 20 years. He is a technopreneur so he also understands the other side of business growth. He has helped a shop owner sell more apparels, also have helped United Nations Industrial Development Organization form a digital marketing strategy to attract more industrialist to invest in India too. His varied experience and knowledge will be instrumental in framing a strategy for you.

Digital Marketer & Entureprenure

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Technology Driven

Always on the move for adopting latest technology, which boosts performance not only of the platform but also marketing campaigns.

Sales Focused

Just likes, comments, leads are not enough and you need sales to grow. I understand that and work towards performance marketing for you, which helps you get sales. I also train and do sales enablement for your team.


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I share useful, usable and practical information which you can implement in your business growth!

Shibaram Mishra

The 360-degree lead generation cycle

The 360-degree lead generation cycle In this article, you will get to know about the whole process involved in lead generation; before getting the leads to nurture the leads. Everything is kept concise so that it is easy for you to understand the whole process. Agenda Why Facebook Lead Ads What can you achieve with

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Shibaram Mishra

How To Sell Without Selling?

How to sell without Selling? Major reason why people don’t buy a service or a product They don’t want They don’t have trust They don’t have buying power Trust is created from Branding, and Marketing is the key exercise to create trust. How to build your brand Visibility Trust Inclination Perception / thought Brand defines

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Shibaram Mishra

How to Do Audience Targeting for Facebook Ads

How to do audience targeting for Facebook ads Types of Audience- Saved Audience – based on Location Interest Language Connection Custom Audience -Use your sources Website traffic Customer list App activity Offline activity -Use Facebook sources Video Instagram business profile Lead form Events Instant Experience Facebook Page Look Alike Audience- from custom audience People similar

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  • +91 993 888 88 54
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