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Shibaram has worked with more than 300+ Businesses in last 20 years. He is a technopreneur so he also understands the other side of business growth. He has helped a shop owner sell more apparels, also have helped United Nations Industrial Development Organization form a digital marketing strategy to attract more industrialist to invest in India too. His varied experience and knowledge will be instrumental in framing a strategy for you.

Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur

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Share your requirements and current challenges with me and I will help you create a winning digital marketing strategy for your business

Marketing is not enough, you need Smarketing


Technology Driven

Always on the move for adopting latest technology, which boosts performance not only of the platform but also marketing campaigns.

Sales Focused

Just likes, comments, leads are not enough and you need sales to grow. I understand that and work towards performance marketing for you, which helps you get sales. I also train and do sales enablement for your team.


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I share useful, usable and practical information which you can implement in your business growth!

profit funnel
365 days 365 Tips

A Better Way to See Funnel Marketing with Profit Funnel

A Better Way to See Funnel Marketing with Profit Funnel What is Customer Journey? In simple terms, Customer journey is the process through which a customer is communicated through marketing messages about a product or a service from the first touch point or awareness to purchase. Different Stages of Customer Journey Customer Journey is divided

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365 days 365 tips on marketing and sales
365 days 365 Tips

365 Days 365 Tips on Digital Marketing

365 Days 365 Tips On Digital Marketing Hi, My Name is Shibaram Mishra, and I am a technopreneur and smarketer. When someone asks me, what do you do? I reply that I help people and businesses grow. In the millennium year 2000, I started as a programmer, learnt programming, software engineering, and then after two

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How to target effectively in facebook and google
365 days 365 Tips

How To Target Audience Effectively In Facebook And Google

How To Target Audience Effectively In Facebook And Google #Day 8 How to do segment & prioritise your audience before running ads This is an interesting topic and we can segment audience by various means, the top 5 are Location – Where they are located, any language, or cultural differences between the groups Demography –

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