Taking the Training Route to Empower Entrepreneurs

Sharing my knowledge with people who need help always gives me a thrill.


When I started getting more active on social media and started interacting in groups, I came across many questions other people ask when they are stuck in some problem while running marketing campaigns.


Whatever I knew, I was more than happy to assist them in solving the issue, and people loved it and were thankful.


Though Training was not my area of work, however, there was always a sense of satisfaction in helping others.


Some of my seniors, peers and millennials convinced me why I should start training. When I pondered over it, I understood that this is the only way I can reach out to more and more people and share all the things that I’m doing on a regular basis with my clients and more businesses will be able to benefit through this act of mine.  When they suggested “Why don’t you start training?”, and I told myself, “why not”?


There is a saying “where there is a will there is a highway (I call it highway, not just a way)” and coincidentally I started getting offers to train, and guess what I got an offer to teach Social Media Marketing at IIM, Jammu  and I also started doing “Zero to Success Workshops” for entrepreneurs.


Here I am to help you succeed in life, by doing marketing campaigns.


Last two years, I have done more than 202 campaigns for my clients, and have generated more than 12000 curated and convertible leads.


Most of them are small to medium companies (one of them got 5 MN USD funding recently!) and I work as their extended Marketing Team.

All these results and my passion for sharing knowledge inspired me to start training and here are the two programs I offer.


2 Months


15 Days


1 Month Training + 1 Month Support


2 Months

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