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20 Things You Can Do With Google My Business For Free

  • Have breakfast, lunch, dinner with family members, not with TV
  • Start a new habit, quit one bad habit
  • Develop a new skill (just one skill is good, don’t pick many)
  • Start a new hobby
  • Express gratitude to one person who has helped/supported you
  • Write daily journal/blog on how the day went (quite insightful)
  • Help a new person every day in something, reply a query, support, call etc
  • Make a new friend every day
  • Stay out of digital medium for at least 2 hours (apart from sleeping)
  • Do a video call to your loved ones, or come on Facebook Live
  • Read a book for at least 1 hour
  • Clean up your house, PC, Laptop, Mobile, Email
  • Teach something/share something to someone, your kid, share on Facebook
  • Teach something/share something to someone, your kid, share on Facebook
  • Chat/do prayers and thank god for everything
  • Listen/watch your favourite video
  • Be with yourself at least for 30 mins, do meditation or anything that connects yourself with you
  • Think of doing something which gets you revenue, or income even if there is a lockout forever, things you can do from home
  • Cut down on sugar & salt. Tea and coffee .. or at least limit it
  • Do a physical activity/exercise for 30 mins


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